Friday, 15 May 2009

7 Quick Takes Friday (Vol 15)

My 7 Quick Takes are very brief this week as I leave tomorrow morning to Go South to visit a Very Special Family for our god-daughter's baptsim. So today's post is dedicated to travel preparations.

New clothes have been purchased; do you know just how cold it is in Tasmania? We will be that much closer to the Pole, brrr.

I have packed our bags. Jem's and mine that is, we are the travellers.

Have camera, spare memory card, batteries and battery re-charger. We have been caught out at too many major family events with no camera. I'm prepared this time.

A very specially decorated Baptismal Candle is organised (and packed) with the kind help of a dear talented friend.

Charts abound on the fridge to aid my mil. We have a menu chart, a job chart, and a weekly itinerary chart. The latter chart rivals an army expedition, full of soccer trainings, gymnastic classes, referee meetings, soccer games, ballet classes, job commitments and a birthday party. My mil's head must be spinning.

The weekly lesson plan is printed out, and Grandma has been briefed. The children know what they have to do so hopefully all is clear here.

Plane tickets are printed out and we are ready to embark. We are very excited.
Bonus is we get to visit family enroute and see out new (6mth old) nephew.

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Rosetta Stone Contest

The longer I homeschool with my teenagers the more I can see what a benefit technology can be; it can foster independence and present a first rate education. Last year we developed a love of Latin when we had the brief experience of a Latin Mass community and the boys learned to serve. I would love to continue our knowledge of Latin so in the hope of winning I present:

****Rosetta Stone is the fastest way to learn a language and has been the #1 foreign language curriculum among homeschoolers for a while — and you can WIN the *all new* version 3 Rosetta Stone Homeschool LATIN program… FOR FREE! This is the first year you can get Latin in the brand new Version III update.

This is a $259 program (and believe me it’s worth every penny!)
This is a computer based curriculum and Rosetta Stone will also include a headset with microphone, and a supplementary “Audio Companion” CD so you can practice lessons in the car, on the go, or where-ever! Students participate in life-like conversations and actually produce language to advance through the program. Rosetta Stone incorporates listening, reading, grammar, vocabulary and writing along with speaking and pronunciation lessons. For parents, the new Parent Administrative Tools are integrated into the program to allow parents to easily enroll up to ten students in any of 12 predetermined lesson plans, monitor student progress, grade completed work (the program grades the work automatically as the students progress- I love that!), and you can view and print reports for transcripts. Homeschooling a lot of kids at your house? This program is designed to enroll and track up to ten students (five users on two computers) and will work for nearly all ages — from beginning readers up to college students.

To win this most excellent Latin program copy these paragraphs and post them in (or as) your next blog post, and/OR link to the contest from your facebook page and/OR email the information to your homeschool support group – Then go to the original page and leave a comment saying that you’ve posted about, or have linked to, the contest. Please make sure the link works to get back to the original contest page when you post. And good luck! ****

HT: Three Plus Two Thanks Angela:)

Small Successes (17)


It’s important for moms to recognize that all the small successes in our days can add up to one big triumph.

Covered our latest book purchases in book plastic.
I have previously admitted to my 'quirk', I freely admit it again.

I learnt to cast on! Knitting that is.
I am knitting a new nappy cover and this time I cast on:)

Packed away Jem's Size 00s and unpacked his Size 0s.
This was rather sad as his Size 0 wardrobe is rather pathetic compared to the beautiful clothes he received from my Aunt.

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Wednesday, 13 May 2009

Happy Birthday Carpenter

Happy Birthday to our Number One Son.
14 Years have just flown by. We love you so much;
you are an awesome young man and we are so proud of you.

Tuesday, 12 May 2009

Mothers Day - And Chomper

Sunday we celebrated Mother's Day and I had such a special day; I truly felt treasured:)

The morning began with a mad dash out the door to get to 8am Mass, therefore I had time to only open one present, just in time to wear it to Mass;) Imagine my surprise as we approached the highway and I saw this:

All Saturday the shed resounded with sounds of the saw and I was under strict instructions not to approach. I am so thrilled with my new mailbox, last week the mailman placed book parcels in my box and they got wet! Twice!! I instructed Carpenter to go down and remove said box so something would have to be done. Fortunately my darling husband took up the gauntlet.

My custom made mailbox is certainly unique, I'm certain there are no other recycled car tires on our mailman's run. Don't his teeth look realistic? and I love the mesh in the bottom for the mail to sit on and you can't see it but there is a hole drilled in the bottom for the water to drain. No more wet parcels:) The 'jaws' can receive quite large parcels too.

The children have all affectionately named the mailbox 'Chomper.'

After Mass I opened more presents; winter clothes which I badly needed and Tim Tams which I also badly needed;)

We then had a picnic at the local tennis court and had a wonderful afternoon. We wondered why it had taken us so long to visit, but you can be assured we plan to return very soon.

We had a lovely couple of games of doubles and singles. Jem was quite happy to sit in the pram and watch for a time.

The playground was a big hit with the younger ones.

We returned home and the spoiling continued, with tea being cooked by my caring husband, one of my favourite parts of Mother's Day is having the night off cooking. Thank you my darling children and husband. A Mother's Day to remember.

Saturday, 9 May 2009

7 Quick Takes Fridays (Vol 14)

I have just purchased a few outfits for myself for winter. It has been a few seasons since I have bought anything. I can't begin to tell you how good it feels to have some new winter clothes in my wardrobe. Well technically they aren't there yet as I will receive them for Mother's day on Sunday:)

Talking about clothing, I have enlisted my sons help in losing weight so I can fit back in to my jeans for winter. The boys have taken to this task with enthusiasm and have designed an exercise program that consists of multiple situps, pushups, step routinues, burpees and sprints. I have my own cheer squad and receive various methods of encouragement from working along with me to physically propelling me down the driveway at a faster sprint.

Koala and her friends have started a book club. Their first 'meeting' is tomorrow. The idea is to read one book a month and then get together and discuss their responses to the book. This is a lovely small group of girls and I'm very excited for her. Special memories.

Regarding books, I'm currently enjoying a 'new' author, GA Henty. Koala has been keen on his books for a time and Carpenter has started reading them too. I'm reading 'With Lee in Virgina' and learning an incredible amount about the American Civil War. Although I have even more questions now. So my Southern American friends will be receiving emails shortly;)


Carpenter has been designing various board games for years, it is a passion of his. The past couple of months have seen Carpenter and Einstein designing their own Lord of the Rings Game.

The game involves 'tokens' that represent characters from the LOTR book/movie. Each token has particular points. This all requires a large amount of space, however after a few meals of no access to the dining room table the game has moved 'quarters'.

I've started knitting another nappy cover. This one is more 'boyish' in colour. Lots of greens and blues. One cover really isn't enough as the wool takes so long to dry.

Our new educational purchases have arrived and we are very happy with our choices. I promise to write a review of said purchases. I'm still needing to compile literature lists for Koala, have any of my readers suggestions for good booklist recommendations for a 15 year old?

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Friday, 8 May 2009

Princess Cloaks

For Christmas I made Princess Cloaks for our girls. These would have to be one of the most used gifts ever. All three girls wear their cloaks daily; they do duty as various imaginative play costumes, Princesses being the most popular; they also do duty as dressing gowns.

They make it possible to be 'invisible' during 'murder in the dark' and I have been requested to make some more in green so they can camouflage with the bush during Ranger reconnaissances. They are very simple to make.

Small Success (Vol 16)


It’s important for moms to recognize that all the small successes in our days can add up to one big triumph.

Have maintained our Read Aloud most days.
We're nearly finished actually:)

Have worked my way through a fair amount on my 'list'.
This list consists of cleaning projects, email/phone reminders, and learning related tasks.

Have been very consistent with the children in relation to learning expectations.
They are attempting heroic efforts to complete their work by Friday afternoon.
Friday afternoons they have 'screen time'. Computer, DVDs and playstation. One big blast once a week then off it goes.

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Tuesday, 5 May 2009

Our Journey North.

What a wonderful, busy weekend. We traveled North to meet our new little nephew, Anthony Michael (he's a cutie)

and to attend his baptism. PC and I were privileged to be Anthony's godparents.
This was in the Traditional Latin Rite and was incredible. All of my brothers (bar one) and sisters were there, and Monette and Michael's parish community stayed to celebrate. The Latin Mass community there is awesome. The amount of young families is incredible, the noise during Mass was loud! It was so wonderful. I spent all Mass praising God for the 'music'. When I attend St Luke's I know that the Church is alive and growing.

We stayed with Anne and her family:) We had a lovely time, the children got on famously and we did intend talk for hours. We were very touched by their warm hospitality. Anne and I share a mutual friend, we had previously met very briefly at a funeral, have spoken on the phone and emailed. So it was exciting to finally really get to met in person.

I couldn't resist showing this photo as finally I have a nice one of PC. Generally if he sees the camera pointed his way he pulls faces to deter me:(

It was a four hour trip, but the children (mostly) traveled well.

We were very pleased though to be home.

Friday, 1 May 2009

7 Quick Takes Friday (Vol 13)

Last Friday my sister and her husband were blessed with a son. Anthony Michael. Weighing in at 9lb8oz he is a big boy. Remember last week when I was waiting? All did not go well and after a long labour Anthony was delivered by C-section. Coupled with this my sister has ended up with breastfeeding problems that could have been totally avoided if she had been given proper care. Obviously large hospital maternity wards do not have a high rating with me at present. Please, please pray for my sister, I am so proud of her, she is an amazing woman and mother. Love you little sis:)

It is Anthony's baptism this weekend and PC and I are honoured to be his godparents. This will be in the traditional Latin rite, neither of us have experienced a traditional baptism, we are very much looking forward to Sunday. Mostly though we are looking forward to meeting our new godson and the honour of being his godparents.

Talking about the weekend, guess who we are meeting? AND staying with!:) Can you imagine what we will be doing all night?? Talking of course. I promise to take pictures.

Whilst we are talking baptisms and meeting blog friends, in two weeks time I will be flying south to spend time with another special family. PC and I are privileged to be the godparents of darling Arwen. I (and Jem) will be representing us for Arwen's baptism. Jem and I are staying for a whole week! Gae and I are planning on lots of talking too;)

Lots of great learning moments occuring this week. I'm pretty happy with our plans for this Term. I tweaked a few areas, consolidated others. The younger two have science experiments planned for a couple of mornings a week. They are really enjoying this; lots of thinking and learning moments. This week's theme was 'water and solids.'

History this term is Middle Ages for all bar Koala. My boys just love the Middle Ages as it means reading about Knights and Castles and making Medieval Weapons. This week it was Mangonels, next week....?

The 'Big Ball of String' is being used for many projects. Last night found cotton aerially criss-crossing the lawn and 'swinging cages' ferrying along the 'cables'. Creativity seems to produce more creativity:)

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