Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Mini Birthday Week

We've been celebrating our Mini Birthday Week.

Last week we celebrated Bass' 1st Birthday.  We can hardly believe he is one already!!  He truly is a delightful baby, so very happy and confident in the knowledge that he is deeply loved.

This week we celebrate Einstein's 15th Birthday.  Where have the years flown?  He has a strong bond with Bass, his godson.  Einstein is our sensitive soul, always attuned to the emotional needs of others, extremely confident within himself.  An inquisitive and bright mind.  He has a strong love of Our Lord.
However much he longs to be older so he can watch M rated movies, he will always be young at heart.

Happy Birthday to our handsome boys, we love you dearly and are honoured to be your parents.


  1. Happy Birthday to both your boys :)

  2. Happy Birthday boys.
    Can't wait to hear what you got Einstein
    Love the O Family xxoo

  3. Happy birthday to your boys, Erin!

    I just love photos of older boys with their much younger brothers - it makes a beautiful picture:)

  4. Glad the birthdays went well!

  5. Happy birthday to both of them! Miss M. commented to me this week that she couldn't believe Einstein was 15 already! They're all growing up, aren't they? Best wishes to him from all of my children.

  6. Happy Birthday Einstein & Bass !! What a wonderful busy week for you all! I love the photo's.

    Blessings for the year ahead to you both

  7. Thank you for your birthday wishes:)
    I agree Vicky, they do make special pictures.


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